What’s Bothering You @ Work?

  • communication challenges?
  • conflict with co-workers?
  • misunderstandings?
  • resistance to change?
  • low morale?

Do you spend too much time dealing with people problems?

Hi! I’m Alice Wojcio, and I work with people who want to be more productive on a day-to-day basis, and they’d love it if their team and/or teammates could do that too!

I help people build more cohesive teams, develop their leadership capacity, and motivate both themselves and their employees.

So if you’re here for yourself, or you want to improve the performance of those who work for you, sign up in the box above to download your free copy of Managing Workplace Frustration™. In it you’ll find tips and tools to deal with unnecessary conflict, troublesome co-workers, and difficulty getting your point across, as well as suggestions on how to avoid being misunderstood.

Improving communication @ work will enable you to improve performance and further develop your leadership skills!

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I look forward to meeting you and learning more about your specific situation!

I’d love to be part of your support system….  Go for it!