Alice Wojcio  (pronounced wo’ joe)

Since founding Advantage Training &  Development, Alice has been providing individuals, teams, and organizations with simple tools to develop motivated employees, effective teams, and leadership capabilities. Her tailored workshops and executive coaching generate new perspectives on interpersonal relationships and enhance productivity, performance and job satisfaction.

Alice’s integrated approach uncovers barriers that keep teams from doing their best and provides avenues to overcome obstacles undermining their success. 

Alice ‘s experience as a manager of a small information technology department in an organization troubled by conflict and communication challenges led her to find better ways to help people enjoy the work they do and the people they work with.

A graduate of Corporate Coach University, Alice is the author of the handbook Every Conversation a Success! Tips and Tools for Improving Workplace Communication. She earned her B.A. from Harpur College/Binghamton University and completed graduate courses to earn her teacher certification. Alice pursues her own professional development with attendance at national and international conferences, workshops and seminars, and through personal research.

Alice and John Wojcio, the other Dynamic Duo…

 IMG_1294Alice and her husband often work together with teams and with individuals to provide clearer direction to those who want to maximize their talents and their impact in work that is both personally and professionally fulfilling. Their Career Guidance System provides a sustainable process for career success in changing and changeable circumstances. 

John has had a varied career, including education, industry and consulting, as well as a rewarding experience as a career consultant during a period of high visibility high tech layoffs. The insights garnered in those positions led him to find better ways to help people avoid increasingly common career mistakes. 

John earned his B.A and M.A. from Binghamton University and is a Certified Career Coach. His publications include the Career Compass Series: A Pocket Guide to Retirement Planning Done Right; 99 Ideas to Help You Manage Your Career and Be Happy and Successful in Your Work; and Communication Strategies to Help You Make Every Conversation a Success! He is currently the Manager of the Dual Career Program at Binghamton University.

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