Are you a new supervisor? There’s lots to learn, and lots to remember! Here are three things to keep in mind that will help you generate credibility, trust, and respect.

When a problem arises, address it sooner rather than later—don’t let it fester—in your own mind or in the minds of others. Yes, you may need some time to consider your options, but don’t wait too long to resolve the issue!

You are now part of a new peer group, and you are a new person in that group. Take time to observe the dynamics in the group to develop your organizational awareness. At the same time, you will want to meet with some of these people individually to establish your new network and better understand this new political landscape.

Do you now report to a new supervisor yourself? This new dynamic is critically important to your success as well. Use this information about review meetings in meetings with your new boss to establish your competence and credibility.

With these ideas to guide you, you should be well on your way to gaining credibility, trust, and respect!