Alice, I have a phone interview coming up next week. What can I do to come across in a way that will help me get an interview in person? The job seems like it would be perfect for me, and I don’t want to lose out as a result of their phone interview screening process!

Alice says: I always recommend that people stand up for a phone interview! Your voice will project more effectively and you will demonstrate the energy and enthusiasm you have for the job. In addition, have in front of you three things: your resume, your cover letter, and the job description—the same three things your interviewer(s) will have with them. Be prepared with a short list of those essential things you want to convey to them—your talking points, if you will, so that you can include them in your conversation even if they aren’t asked for.

If you are being interviewed by a group, write down each name as they are introduced, so you can use their names as you respond to their questions.

Have a list of 2-3 questions you want to ask them. When they ask you for your questions at the end of the interview, you will then be able to ask your questions and let them know which of your questions they may already have answered.

In addition to the obvious screening process for them, be sure to use your own judgement to help determine whether the job and the organization are a good fit for you.