Do you get to say “I love my job!” on a regular basis? Often? Seldom? Ever?

What is it that enables you to be inspired enough @ work to do your best and feel satisfied that you’ve done a good job?

Research has shown that in the best organizations with the most engaged and satisfied employees, leaders create a culture of trust and collaboration that enables people to work together in ways that make the best use of everyone’s talents and strengths.

Cynicism, sarcasm, and back-biting disappear as people begin to trust each other to do what they agree to do and do it well. Team members are open with each other about capabilities and deadlines. They offer and accept feedback and suggestions from each other.

Conflict becomes productive when it is focused on ideas and not on personal attacks, and the values of the organization are in evidence in everyday interactions—not just posters on the walls or expressions in marketing materials.

Leaders embrace and demonstrate those values on a daily basis. Their actions are congruent with their espoused values. Employees in the best organizations feel safe to express alternate opinions and offer new ideas for consideration. They feel accepted for who they are, even if they have differences of opinion with each other.

How does your organization measure up to these criteria? What can you do, as an individual, to foster even more of these positive behaviors in your workplace?