As I read Trevor Noah’s Born a Crime, I was struck by his comment regarding the “give a man a fish” saying.

Yes, when we teach a man to fish, it gives that person food for a lifetime, and yet, sometimes, it’s important, and perhaps even necessary, to also give that person a fishing pole/rod.

In the workshops I deliver, I focus on developing emotional intelligence capabilities.

Often, one of the tools for that development is the Everything DiSC Workplace online assessment. The contents of that report serve as a fishing rod for better understanding how you come across to others, either in the workplace or outside of it. It also includes three specific ways for you to personally better develop your interpersonal skills, and a means to tailor your approach to people who have different personalities.

Is there a place in the work that you do that will provide a fishing rod in addition to teaching a person how to fish? I’d love to know!