Is your company or department bogged down by:

  • declining employee morale?
  • communication challenges?
  • resistance to change?
  • costly turnover?
  • individual or interdepartmental conflict?

We work with business owners and managers who want to get better results with the same people.

Do you remember when you first hired your current employees? They seemed so full of potential. Granted, at the outset they may not have been very effective because they didn’t know their new jobs very well, but after a while they became more and more effective and were truly an asset to you and the organization..

But since then, somewhere along the way, some of those employees may have lost their energy and enthusiasm, and their performance and productivity came crashing down.

When and why this happens can be different for each employee. The good news is that these common obstacles to higher performance can be addressed and eliminated!

Maybe things aren’t really as bad as all of that at work. Maybe you just know things could be even better than they are now, and you’d like to know how to accomplish that!

Have you recently added staff members? It can be difficult to assimilate a new person into an existing group. Entrenched loyalties may be threatened, additional management time is required for a new person, existing team dynamics become altered—and not always for the good of the group.

Have you reorganized a department or division? Roles and responsibilities may shift, deadlines may be missed, and key people may balk at necessary changes. Too often, implementation falters because of unexpected people problems.

Have you been through a series of layoffs? Those who are “left behind” now have to work even harder to make up for those who are no longer there. Chances are, their workload was already challenging to start with. Resentment begins to set in, and even formerly enthusiastic employees begin to lose their original commitment to your organization.

If you find yourself in one of these situations, you need to ensure that those who now work for you are committed and engaged in their work, and that they all understand themselves in their roles in your organization.


Hi, I’m Alice Wojcio, and I have been working with business owners and managers for more than a decade to develop motivated employees, build effective teams, and enhance leadership capabilities.

I love the challenge of learning what makes people tick, and discovering ways to reignite their passion for the work they do for you. I don’t have to reinvent the wheel for each company I work with, because I use a battery of tried and true tools and techniques to effectively zero in on exactly what action to take to make necessary changes—regardless of the industry or organization.

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