All Advantage Training & Development personal, professional, and career development programs are customized and developed in consultation with our clients, built around the themes of communication, leadership, and change management.

During an initial complimentary consultation, we collaborate with you to assess needs and then design the optimal training content, with delivery time table, to address challenges you’ve identified.

Effective communication is the basis for success at work and in life. It serves as the foundation for building trust, earning respect, developing productive teams, and delivering outstanding customer service. Training objectives include:
• prevent time-wasting conflict
• better understand people with differing viewpoints
• better understand personal motives in different situations

Topics may include:

Conflict Management
• deal successfully with difficult people
• maintain your composure and control your anger
• learn practical techniques to diffuse the anger of others

Effective Listening Skills
• understand different listening situations
• determine your purpose for listening
• use the appropriate mode for each situation

Emotional Intelligence Competencies in the Workplace
• understand the impact and value of emotional intelligence
• create a framework for understanding what drives human behavior
• explore generational differences as they relate to emotional intelligence
• learn to apply your own emotional intelligence to develop and motivate your staff

Building High-Trust Teams in a Diverse Workplace
• understand workplace motivators and stressors
• determine individual contributions to team dynamics
• explore a proven framework for team trust
• learn to apply strategies specific to the needs of the team